Casino Management Systems

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Casino management system
Casino management system, a unique software solution developed by our company enables organizers of games of chance to have a full remote control and review of operations of slot machines, with an easy setup and connection of all gaming operations into a unique system.

The functionality of casino management system of a company was proved in the best way – in practice. At this point of time, by using the system we control more than 1,000 gaming machines located at more than 50 locations. It does not matter whether your machines are in one slot club or have been placed in several locations in different cities – casino management system allows you to manage and control each individual slot machine from a central point.

Company’s casino management system offers:

  • Complete reporting
  • Complete situation of slot machine counter
  • Jackpot service and administration
  • Slot machine administration
  • Administration of roles and privileges as well as administration of work schemes
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support

Jackpot Animation

The application representing jackpot animation informs players about potential gains, the current balance and values of jackpots and the latest realized jackpots regardless of location. This application is one of the key components of marketing and communication with players in each casino or slot club. The solution we have is open to modifications and can be implemented on any animation that client requests. If you want it, the creative company team can prepare an animation for you that best suits your needs.