Parking systems

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Parking systems

Without detecting vehicles at the ramp it is not possible to undertake any further step or manipulation in the process of identifying the customer if that option is explicitly turned off by an authorized person in the event of failure, repair or diagnosis. It is also necessary to install an inductive circuit on a ramp in order to trigger the reading of TAG matrix and as a safety measure in order not to have the ramp being opened by photo sensors only and thus to be activated by passing pedestrians, cyclists etc. …

Detecting a vehicle at the access ramp triggers the reading of the TAG matrix, a system that identifies registration plate, compiles photos of a vehicle as well as enables further procedures of identifying a client. Upon the detection and identification of vehicles, clients have the ability to identify themselves by RFID card, or if they do not have it, they select an appropriate key corresponding to the category of their vehicles on the accessing machine. Confirmation of the validity of the client’s identification is written on the display, and in case the access is denied, the client receives information about the reason.

Payment Machine
Payment machine is a device used to identify a client, automated billing, receipt printing, display information and various commercials.

When coming up to the payment machine, clients have a possibility to identify themselves by the bar code ticket they were given when entering the parking or by the RFID card. Upon identification, the payment machine finds information on the access to parking in the database and displays them on the screen along with the price of service, and (optional) a photograph taken when entering and the number of registration plate. The client then makes the payment about which interactive information are displayed, such as information about the amount for which payment is made and inserted bank notes individually. In the event of any termination of the transaction or a failure, a responsible person is contacted. Upon the payment, request options for types of accounts (ordinary block account or tax bill with details) using the beep (optional).